Wednesday 18 + Friday 20 December 2019 – Christmas themed
Wednesday 8 + 15 January 2020 – Back to school themed
10:30am to 12:00pm
  $15.00 p/p
Suitable for: children aged 5 and over
Annie’s Room

Create your own up-cycled hand stamped paper and decorative woollen tassel to wrap your Christmas gifts or schoolbooks for next year.

Use rescued fruit and vegetables to create a fruity mural and make personalised paper that your friends and family will love!

This workshop, facilitated by our talented Visitor Engagement Officers, will explore how we use food inspired by artist Elizabeth Willing’s work with Oz Harvest as part of A Fierce Hope.

* Parents/Carers must remain with children during the workshop, please feel free to join in and make your own hand stamped paper and decorative woollen tassel.  Adults accompanying children do not need to purchase a ticket.

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