Artist: Elizabeth Willing
24 August 2019 – 3 May 2020  | Mary Benedict’s Room
Social Enterprise Partner:  OzHarvest

As an OzHarvest volunteer, Elizabeth Willing was transfixed by the scale of food-waste rescued by the organisation daily.   ‘It makes me sad and frustrated at the problems inherent in our industrial food system’.  It was a natural progression for Elizabeth, an artist who works with food as both the object and subject of her art-making, to explore the issue of food waste in parallel with people in our society who are in need of food.

The Other Plate explores three aspects of OzHarvest’s work; the scale of food waste, the ingenuity of re-using food and the human factor in the food chain. The Other Plate encourages us to pause and think about how we use and dispose of food and consider what actions we can take to contribute to lasting change.

The Other Plate is one of six artist and social enterprise partnerships for A Fierce Hope, a major exhibition exploring the social issues that each enterprise is seeking to address. The artworks, produced over a period of 18 months, reveal the collaboration, commitment and ingenuity of the artists and their paired South East Queensland enterprises in thought-provoking ways. A Fierce Hope reveals hope as a compelling force for action: action that is both compassionate and challenges systemic injustice. Read more about  A Fierce Hope.

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