Photograph: Mark Crocker

As 2018 starts we’re excited to share progress on a project that will be part of our inaugural exhibition program.

Over the past year, curator Maria Quirk, filmmaker Pip Kelly and photographer Mark Crocker have been working with a group of our Sisters to record and capture their thoughts about an object close to their heart.

Says Maria Quirk, ‘the aim of this project is to ensure that the voices of and stories of our current-day Sisters are present in the new centre. The project will show our Sisters as contemporary women, with diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints.’

From photographs to publications, artwork to jewellery—and even a beloved backyard tree—the Sisters have offered a fascinating range of objects. In capturing each Sister with her special item, photographer Mark Crocker said that there were many layers that interested him in working with his subjects. ‘This was a wonderful opportunity to work on an exhibition that has stories accompanying the portraits, creating a more complete picture’.

Filmmaker Pip Kelly spent time with each Sister, letting the story behind their selected object gently unfold. The result is an evocative and moving insight into our Sisters’ rich lives, both spiritual and secular.

We look forward to sharing ‘The Object she has at Heart’ with you when we open.

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