Adderton: house & heart of mercy is carrying on the Mercy value of hospitality with the very welcome addition of  The Good Cup Café located within Adderton. The café is a collaboration between the Sisters of Mercy and Holy Cross Services.

“The Good Cup” name is a tribute to Venerable Catherine McAuley’s words in her final moments “Will you tell the Sisters to get a good cup of tea…when I am gone and to comfort one another.”1

The founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, recognised the restorative powers of tea and the value of a good cup. On a visit from her home congregation in Baggot Street, Dublin to the Mercy Sisters in Birr, County Offaly, Catherine found herself longing for a ‘real Baggot Street drink of tea.’ The tea cups at Birr were ‘baby toys compared to ours’ and Catherine needed to ask for five cups to make up the deficiency.

The choice of the Café’s name was deliberate, connecting this space with the spirit of Catherine McAuley and the ethos of the Sisters of Mercy which is to provide warmth and sustenance to those who pass through their doors.  The presence of the Café within Adderton: house and heart of mercy is a symbol of this enduring Mercy hospitality and provides a further space for conversation, community and renewal.

Holy Cross was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1889, with a mission to support people with disability and the disadvantaged by providing integrated and inclusive employment opportunities offered according to the core values of dignity, respect, integrity and compassion.

The Good Cup Café is a continuation of this vision, providing a place where people of all abilities can work together in a safe, inclusive and respectful environment that enables and empowers our team to provide this warm, welcoming and friendly space for you to enjoy.

So, come and join us for a good cup……..


1Letter of Mary Vincent Whitty to Cecilia Marmion in Sullivan, Catherine McAuley and the Tradition of Mercy, p. 243




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