Artist, Rachel Apelt is facilitating Kids@Adderton workshops for Adderton Everywhere in surprising public spaces.

The workshops kick-off with Make a Jar of Mercy over the September school holidays to be held in a variety of parks and markets. We asked Rachel about her approach to the workshops.

What motivated you to want to be involved with the project?

My arts practice is about creatively sparking connection and positive links in my community. I love the clarity and philosophical musings of children when they are confronted by social contrasts. Sadly, their deeply ethical voices often get dampened down as ‘too idealistic’ as they move towards adulthood and our society misses out on this impulse to connect and repair. Through this project I see a chance to literally draw out an ethic of kindness with children and to encourage and validate their ability to be kind in big and small ways. For me, this is a tiny but powerful step in creating an inclusive and responsive community.

What are you looking forward to about the workshops, in the current environment?

We live in a time of a narrowing world focus with increased fear, social division and conflict. During lockdown, I loved the chalk art messages children gifted their local neighbourhoods. I am looking forward to discovering what other unique ideas children have that express a kinder way of being in the world.

What is your view on Art-making?

Artmaking is a powerful and subtle process allowing us to enlarge how we see and interact with the world. It can hold a mirror to ourselves in mysterious and wondrous ways – giving us a shortcut to the heart of the matter, always several steps ahead of our conscious minds. In my work with others, art can be a balm for the innermost self, gently lifting worn old habitual ways of being in the world and revealing the raw beauty beneath. For me, making art is always a richly rewarding process.

Rachel’s  artwork can be found in private and public collections, including the Australian National Gallery, Queensland Art Gallery and various regional galleries in Australia.

Rachel facilitates creative workshops with people of all ages, combining skills in visual arts and community cultural development. Highlights in her work with children include engaging children in designing parks and public spaces, stints at Out of the Box Festival, workshops at Ipswich Art Gallery’s Children’s Gallery, and projects at numerous schools across the Brisbane region.

Adderton Everywhere is free and aims to be inclusive and accessible with locations frequently visited close to essential services in locations all over Brisbane.

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