Meet me in the Middle:
Experiencing Everyday Joy

How do we find joy in our every day experiences?  Take a look at the video Experiencing Everyday Joy exploring this topic in a conversation between Sarah McRae and Andrew Dower with Lee Constable.  Sarah shares how she finds joy in regularly connecting with friends in an online Lunch Club program organised by Andrew, Down Syndrome Queensland’s Program Manager for Social Programs.

Experiencing Everyday Joy is part of a series of Adderton’s Meet me in the middle conversations providing a unique storytelling opportunity for diverse community voices addressing social needs. Meet inspirational people and engage in conversations creating common ground and understanding.

During Queensland Mental Health Week 2020, Adderton Everywhere shared two Meet me in the middle stories from diverse community voices about maintaining wellbeing in challenging times.  Take a look at another Meet me in the middle story,  From social isolation to happy hearts.

Sarah McRae – Child Care Worker and Lunch Club Member
Sarah lives independently and works three days per week in Childcare.  Sarah joins into the Lunch Club to catch up with friends and remain connected.  Lunch Club is a Down Syndrome Queensland (DSQ) Social Program.

DSQ is committed to upholding the rights of children and adults with Down syndrome and ensuring their needs and those of their families are met.

DSQ aims to build community awareness, provide support and empower people with Down syndrome to take their rightful place in their community.

Andrew Dower, Program Manager – Social Programs, Down Syndrome Queensland

Andrew is responsible for coordinating and running social programs and activities for Down Syndrome Queensland.  Including the DSQ Club, DSQ Teens, DSQ Kids, Challenge Weekends and the New Years Eve Ball.  In addition, Andrew also facilitates the virtual social programs DSQ Lunch Club, Trivia, Charades, Drawing, Dance Parties and Talent Shows.

* Images and video supplied and with permissions from Down Syndrome Queensland

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