Meet me in the Middle:
From social isolation to Happy Hearts

Meet me in the middle is a unique storytelling opportunity for diverse community voices addressing social needs. Meet inspirational people and engage in conversations creating common ground and understanding.

During Queensland Mental Health Week Adderton Everywhere is streaming ‘Meet me in the middle’ stories from diverse community voices about maintaining wellbeing in challenging times.

The topic From social isolation to happy hearts is being explored in this interview with Zoe Black, CEO of Happy Paws Happy Hearts and Tom Kunst, a veteran and HPHH program participant and volunteer.

Tom will share his story of being an Army Veteran, how HPHH’s program positively impacted his life and inspired him to volunteer on a regular basis.

Zoe will be talking about why she founded HPHH and how it supports people in our community experiencing social isolation.

Do you have a question for Zoe or Tom?  Be involved in the conversation by emailing your question to by 14th September for it to be included in the interview story before it is recorded.

Visit Adderton’s Facebook Live and Instagram TV during Queensland Mental Health Week at 5pm on 17th October to watch the story, be inspired and have your questions answered by people developing new practices to maintain support and wellbeing in response to challenging times in 2020.

Zoe Black – Happy Paws Happy Hearts
Zoe Black is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Happy Paws Happy Hearts Foundation (HPHH), connecting vulnerable members of society with RSPCA animals for mutual therapy. HPHH was founded in 2014 and is now a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider, running a variety of programs for the disabled, the elderly and those in need of social connection. HPHH acts compassionately to enhance the lives of people who are at risk of becoming socially isolated and connects them with RSPCA rescue animals in unique small-group social visits.



Tom Kunst, Veteran and RSPCA Volunteer
Tom Kunst is a Veteran who served this country for 30 years. Tom began as a participant with RSPCA in their intensive Veteran program in 2018. Tom is currently in the RSPCA’s general pool of volunteers volunteering once a week including for some of RSPCA’s largest events.

Cost: Free
Suitable for: All ages

When & Where:

Saturday 17 October
Adderton Facebook Live and Instagram TV

You can be involved in the conversation by emailing your question to by 14th September for it to be included in the story before it is recorded.

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