‘Landscape of Resilience’

1 May to 5 September

Visit Adderton and spend some time in the artist and community studio established in Julia’s Parlour by artist in residence Chrys Zantis.  Chrys invites you to knit, crochet or weave her luxurious textiles to form part of a community artwork, a growing, evolving Landscape of Resilience.

Chrys will guide the growth of the Landscape of Resilience to explore the ‘textures’ of resilience – community, personal, ecological and more.  The unfolding of this piece will be as unique as the participants and will adjust and move with any circumstance, as do resilient people.

This participatory piece allows people to come together, to reflect, to share and to exchange skills, experience and stories, as the traditions of knitting, crochet, sewing and quilting have done for countless generations.

Everyone is welcome to come and ‘talk around the table’, be with others and experience the courage and compassion spun into the thread of others’ daily lives and personal stories.

Your contribution will strengthen, enrich, reinforce and nourish this artwork that will become a visual testament to the strength of the participants and the resilience of our community.

Come and knit your story, stitch your tale, craft your history. There are no rules!

Visit the studio any time you are at Adderton or email events@adderton.org.au to enquire about a guided group session to contribute to the ‘Landscape of Resilience’.


Meet Chrys Zantis

Chrys Zantis is a first generation Australian artist of Greek heritage. She has been living and working in Logan City, Queensland for more than thirty years as a creative practitioner, educator, community worker, advocate and activist. Zantis works primarily in textile media and traditional crafts such as knitting and crochet, felting, weaving, beading, sewing and embroidery. Her contemporary arts practice spans assemblage, print and digital media, wearable art, installation, and participatory and performance art. Zantis’ work channels her interpersonal explorations of conceptual landscapes. Extensive and highly detailed cartographies of the human mind, body and spirit typify her presentation of individual pieces, both of her own making and of collaborative co-creation.

In the last ten years, Zantis has shared her artistic ingenuity with innumerable individuals and enterprises to achieve reciprocal development in endeavours of social justice, scientific research and academic advancement. Zantis’ artist residencies across the continent have informed solo and group exhibitions, workshop series, public programs and conferences in galleries, museums, hospitals, schools, libraries, community centres heritage sites. Her unique perspectives, philosophies and presence have inspired others from all walks of life to explore new ways of approaching and activating their own and each other’s creativity. Nuanced, mutual understanding and shared, communal contribution manifest at every level of Zantis’ arts practice and community development portfolio.

Chrys lives with her husband George and dog Jacob in the picturesque suburb of Springwood, where alchemy takes place in the kitchen, garden and dedicated art studio. She is loved by her children and chosen family near and far.

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