Artists: Inala Elders and Carol McGregor
Bridge Gallery
9 January – 18 April 2021


‘Inala, 4077 has always been known as a gathering place for our people. An urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community where mob meet, live, laugh, love and learn. The stories of our Elders and #knowledgekeepers are vastly untold, their contribution to our suburb unacknowledged and their histories slowly slipping away.’         (Karla Brady, CEO, Inala Wangarra)

#KnowledgeKeepers highlights four significant Inala Elders, their stories and connections to community and place through a remarkable possum skin map. A collaboration between artist Carol McGregor, Elders, knowledge keepers and community members, the map captures some of their history, the early days of Inala and just how much Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have shaped the 4077.

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