Kids@Adderton free activities

Whiskers Café

Kids will love pretending to create fun and fruity dishes at the kitchen in Whiskers Café and delighting their ‘guests’ with suitably scrumptious concoctions!

Create a Cup of Kindness

How can we show welcome and care to those in need?   What small acts of hospitality and kindness can we offer to people in need of comfort?  Kids consider the idea of kindness and share them through text or images on a teacup template that can then be added to the Adderton exhibition, A Cup of Mercy.

Fruity-liscious hats

Create your own colour-filled and fruity-liscious hat to wear as you continue your adventure around Adderton.  All materials and templates are provided for kids to add their own fruity flourish.

Make a Mercy Window

Create a message of hope, compassion, and mercy to put on your window at home for passers-by to see. Using paper cutting and collage techniques, make a stained-glass window effect with a positive message to brighten the day of someone in your neighbourhood.
Age:  Kids 6 +

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