Artists:  Maryann Talia Pau & Ranu James
24 August 2019 – 3 May 2020  | Mary Bridget’s Room
Social Enterprise Partner:  Hummingbird House

As part of A Fierce Hope, artists Maryann and Ranu have explored the work of Hummingbird House Children’s Hospice by drawing on traditional Pacific Island ceremonies in their artwork Holding Space.

One of these traditions is the filling of bilums with gifts for grieving families or for loved ones to have buried with them to accompany them to the after-life. Bilums and baskets woven from Samoan pandanus, referencing the memory boxes that families are given at Hummingbird House, are both used in Holding Space.

Maryann and Ranu invite you to reflect on a Hummingbird House journey in the beautiful Holding Space that encourages safety, empathy and love by normalising grief and providing the space to talk.

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