He | She | They | Them | Us

Artists: Aha Ensemble
Mary Bridget’s Room
9 January 2021 to May 2021

What do you see when you view others?  View others more deeply through this video portrait series of seven individuals. Individuals who view the world in their own unique way and are often overlooked, underestimated and misunderstood.

The work explores notions of visibility and invisibility (particularly for people living with visible and invisible disabilities), capacity and capability, acceptance and difference.

The portraits have been made in collaboration with artists who identify with disability from Aha Ensemble. This work is based on original dance-theatre work Explain Normal which was presented by Metro Arts and Daniele Constance, in collaboration with Aha Ensemble & Phluxus2 Dance Collective.

Access Information

‘He | She | They | Them | Us’ is a video based work with captioned audio components.

Adderton is accessible via ramp and exterior lift to the front verandah and doorway entrance. All of Adderton’s venue spaces, rooms and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. A lift is located at the rear of the ground level to the basement and level one. For further information on access to and around Adderton please see the Visit page.



A R T I S T  C R E D I T S

Director: Daniele Constance
Videography: Jorge Serra
Sound Design: Joseph Burgess
Choreographer: Nerida Matthaei
Assistant Director: Ruby Donohoe

Performing Artists: Ruby Donohoe, Rebecca Dostal, Tara Heard, Kayah Guenther, Mitchell Runcie, Allycia Staples, Megan Louise West, Nadia Milford and Charles Ball.

Image:  Artist Kayah Guenther by Jorge Serra

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