Catherine, Ellen, Florence, Jane

Artist: Megan Seres
Mary Vincent’s Parlour

Meet four women of mercy whose fascinating lives impacted greatly on the Sisters of Mercy stories and ministry in Queensland. Their stories are told beautifully through oil portraits by artist Megan Seres.

Megan Seres has interpreted numerous descriptions and images to reimage Catherine, Ellen, Florence and Jane as young women, revealing the optimism and determination that characterised all four and led to the formation of the foundations of education, healthcare and welfare services throughout Queensland.

Take time to absorb the stories of: Sisters of Mercy foundress, Catherine McAuley; the first Queensland Mother Superior, Mary Vincent (Ellen) Whitty; benefactress, Florence O’Reilly and the first Queensland-born sister, Jane Gorry.

IMAGE:   Detail of ‘Catherine’ by Artist Megan Seres

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