On Easter Sunday 2020, we welcome the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation Leader, Sr Catherine Reuter, to share an Easter reflection:

Easter is at the heart of the Christian calendar. It is a time of celebration; a time of light and renewed life in the Jesus risen. Easter reminds us that in the darkest of times to nurture, as Pope Francis says, “… sorrow, compassion and hope. And humbleness, because many times we forget that in life there are “dark zones”, the dark moments. We think they can happen only to someone else. On the contrary, this is a dark time for everybody, none excluded.” (Mercy Partners News, Autumn 2020) Easter is the light that reminds us hope can be rekindled and love is made visible in acts of tender-hearted kindness.

Recently, Pope Francis drew on this Easter season and humanity’s adaptation to the global COVID-19 pandemic in a number of his addresses.

Pope Francis’ key messages are:

“ The worldwide coronavirus pandemic is not God’s judgement on humanity, but God’s call on people to judge what was most important to them and resolve to act accordingly from now on.

The pandemic has exposed our vulnerability and uncovers those false and superfluous certainties around which we have constructed our daily schedules, our projects, our habits and priorities.

It is a time to decide to live differently, live better, love more and care for others.

We have realized that we are in the same boat, all of us fragile and disoriented, but at the same time important and needed, all of us called to row together, each of us in need of comforting the other.

The coronavirus pandemic has allowed people to see ‘the real heroes’ are not the ‘famous, rich and successful people,’ but are those who ‘are giving themselves in order to serve others.’

May we reach out to those who are suffering and those most in need. May we not be concerned about what we lack, but what good we can do for others.”

The Resurrection of Jesus, the Christ,  celebrated at Easter reminds us of the big picture, of there being something more, especially in these ‘strange times’ as the Covid-19 situation continues to change and evolve. It enables us to live with new vision and perspective and a sure hope. It offers a wisdom that knows authenticity is born in suffering, wholeness in brokenness and strength in weakness if we can… Let him easter in us, be a dayspring to the dimness of us, be a crimson-crested east. (The Wreck of the Deutschland, G M Hopkins)

Image:  Detail of All Hallows’ Chapel stained glass window, Photographer: Greg Henderson

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