Taking its inspiration from the enterprising, socially-conscious women of Adderton’s past, our first major exhibition will reveal the creativity, innovation and passion of social initiatives and enterprises in Brisbane and south-east Queensland that exist to help disempowered individuals in our community.

Titled A Fierce Hope, this inaugural exhibition, curated by Linda Phillips, explores the complexity of social challenges on our doorstep and aims to inspire visitors by showing that hope is a powerful driver for social action and that everyone has the power to create positive change.

A Fierce Hope will be a group exhibition displaying the artworks of seven artists along with information about the work of the seven social initiatives/enterprises they are paired with. Each artist has been paired with a social initiative or enterprise of their choice and over the last six months have been undertaking a form of residency, getting to know the work of the enterprises and the people they are helping.

We’re currently in the development stage of the project and the stories of the people involved in the enterprises, their values and missions are the inspiration for the artist’s work. The exhibition will be launched in mid-2019 when Adderton opens to the public after extensive renovations.

Two of the projects are reaching out to the public this month as the artists and enterprises work to draw attention to critical issues, and invite the community to collaborate in making artworks and supporting the work of the enterprises.

Ceramicist Dan Elborne—who is working with The White Wreath Association—is pushing his art and body to the limit to produce multiple clay forms to illustrate the shocking statistics of suicide.

Textile artist Belinda Smith has set herself a target to create 2,000 denim dolls, highlighting the enterprising work and ethical practices of Outland Denim. Belinda is inviting you to help her make dolls, which will be displayed in A Fierce Hope.

We look forward to bringing you updates on the other creative projects as they develop over the coming months.

We’re privileged to be on this journey with these artists and enterprises and thank each individual and organisation for their enthusiastic support of this project.

The artist/enterprise collaborations:

Robert Andrew + Inala Wangarra

Dan ElborneThe White Wreath Association

Donna Marcus + Happy Paws, Happy Hearts

Belinda Smith + Outland Denim

Maryann Talia Pau + Hummingbird House

Elizabeth Willing + OzHarvest

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