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Meet Adderton’s curator for community exhibitions, Linda Phillips

Adderton: house & heart of mercy’s curator for community exhibitions, Linda Phillips, is an experienced exhibition producer, designer and curator. A practising artist, Linda has previously worked for the State Library of Queensland, the Supreme Court Library Queensland and the Rotary Art Prize. Today, Linda shares some insights into her role at Adderton, and her vision for Adderton’s community-based exhibitions and programs. 

Tell us about your position and what you do at Adderton: house & heart of mercy.

My role is to curate exhibitions in the Main Gallery and the Bridge Gallery as well as contributing to the other programs and the operation of Adderton: house & heart of mercy. Both galleries will exhibit the works of contemporary artists and designers curated through the lens of Mercy values. An important part of my role will be to foster community connections and engagement opportunities so that the exhibition program acts as a ‘bridge’ between cultures, communities and ideas.

What were your first impressions of Adderton?

I love old houses, furniture and antiques so I really appreciate the beauty and history of Adderton and it’s a unique opportunity to spend time in a building that is so rich in history and meaning. It’s also lovely to be working from a ‘home’ rather than an office building. The Story Bridge figures large in my memory as a child so being able to look out at the Bridge every day is quite special on a personal level also.

How is Adderton different to other projects you have worked on in your career—does it have any unique challenges or opportunities?

From a conservation and curatorial perspective old buildings always present challenges when working with art, however the opportunity then is to work differently and create new and innovative ideas.

I’ve never worked in an organisation before that ‘lives it’s values’ so it is a great pleasure to work in such a compassionate environment and to be able to carry those values forward through my work and community engagement activities.

What aspect of the project are you most excited about right now?

All of it! I’m particularly excited about the artists I’m discovering for the Bridge Gallery and researching interesting programming ideas. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

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