Create a Cup of Kindness

How can we show welcome and care to those in need?   What small acts  of hospitality and kindness can we offer to people in need of comfort?  These are the ideas kids will engage with guided by community facilitator, Rachel Apelt as they explore the idea of kindness.

Fill your cup with caring, gratitude and sharing to create a cup of kindness in this 20-minute ‘play-shop’.

Create your artwork and bring it to Adderton from December 2020 to add to A Cup of Mercy exhibition and see the tumbling teacups by artist, Denise Faulkner.

All Kids@Adderton workshops follow COVID-safe event guidelines.  There will be a maximum of 4 children participating in each 15 minute ‘play-shop’.

Cost: Free
Suitable for: Ages 5 to 12
When: During November
Where: Surprising public spaces

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