These visitor guidelines provide for the safety, wellbeing and security of our staff, visitors, collection and premises.

1. Admission

  • Admission to Adderton is free, but we may charge for entry to some temporary exhibitions and events.
  • Children aged 12 years and under must be accompanied by a parent, carer or guardian at all times.
  • We regret that it may be necessary, for example in the interests of security or public safety, for Adderton’s opening hours to be altered or to close specific areas of Adderton at any time and without prior notice.
  • If it should be necessary to close all or part of Adderton temporarily for any reason, we may direct you to leave by certain routes, or prevent you from leaving by certain routes.
  • Visitors to Adderton, please be aware and considerate of the fact that Adderton is a close neighbor to the students and staff of All Hallows’ School.
  • Visitors are to enter and exit Adderton via the Ann St gates using the left-hand side of the driveway as you enter. As you proceed up the driveway visitors may enter Adderton via the fenced area to the left (if walking) or the driveway if access with prams, motorised scooters, wheelchairs or car is required.

2. Opening hours

  • Adderton is open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.
  • You may be asked by our staff to begin leaving up to ten minutes before closing time on any day.
  • Adderton is closed on Mondays and Public Holidays

3. Bag searches and other searches

If asked, you must allow our staff to search your bags when on the premises. We do not permit the following items on the premises:

  • Knives,
  • Weapons or any type;
  • Spray cans;
  • Chemicals;
  • Illegal drugs or their equipment used in the delivery of those items;

If, on searching your bag, our staff find any of these items (or any similar item that may be a risk to the collection, building, staff or other visitors) they will remove it, and return it to you when you leave or ask you to leave the premises.

4. Consideration for other visitors

  • Adderton may become very crowded at times, particularly during functions. We appreciate your patience and consideration for other visitors.
  • We would ask that you do not use your phone to make calls in certain exhibitions, and to turn your phone to silent in the main gallery areas of Adderton.
  • You are welcome to draw and sketch in our galleries but you should consult our Visitor Engagement Officers about the rules for the use of art media, stools and easels.

 5. Visitor Services and Security staff

  • Our Visitor Engagement Officers and Security staff  are  identifiable by their Adderton identity passes. They are authorised by Adderton to require you to comply with these  visitor requirements or any directions given under them.
  • If our staff believe you are intoxicated or behaving antisocially or that your conduct causes or is likely to cause risk, annoyance or disturbance to other visitors, to our staff, to the collection or to property, you may be refused admission to Adderton, you may be asked to leave and/or you may be escorted from the premises.
  • Please be aware that we will not tolerate violence or abuse to any member of our staff and that failure to cooperate with the lawful directions of our security staff may put you at risk of committing a criminal offence.

6.  Tour groups

  • Tour groups (any group of ten or more adults visiting Adderton) should book at least two working days in advance using the groups booking section of the website.
  • All tour groups must enter via the Ann Street gates.
  • No person other than our authorised staff may sell services as tour guides, leaders or speakers anywhere within Adderton.
  • Loudspeakers, voice amplifiers or microphones must not be used by tour guides or leaders when conducting or leading tour groups.
  • Tour groups are not permitted on balcony areas due to weight restrictions.

7. Accessible Parking

  • We  do not  provide  parking  facilities on-site unless  you have a parking permit.
  • If  you require accessible parking, you and anyone accompanying  you may  park  your vehicle  within the grounds by prior arrangement with our staff, contactable via or the general number.
  • If you have booked accessible parking at Adderton, please proceed with extreme caution up and down the driveway and through the Ann St gates.  The driveway is a shared zone for pedestrians and vehicles with a speed limit of 5km/ hr.

8. Health and safety and the protection of our building and collection

We value your safety during your visit. We have some simple requirements to ensure your health and safety and those of fellow guests is upheld. We request that you must not:

  • Smoke anywhere on the site (and this prohibition extends to the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping products);
  • run within Adderton, particularly in the galleries or on staircases;
  • sit on any stairs or staircases;
  • block or obstruct entrance doors in any way
  • leave any children in your care unattended;
  • climb on any part of the collection, or the fabric of the building including walls, barriers and columns;
  • disregard any safety signs or barriers put in place for public protection;
  • cross barriers, cordons or protective spaces in front of objects on open display;
  • disregard fire alarms or any directions for  the evacuation of Adderton;
  • use any laser pointer or laser pen (a small handheld device with a power source and a laser diode emitting a very narrow coherent low-powered laser beam) for any purpose within Adderton;
  • point or gesture towards people or objects within the collection using sticks, umbrellas, poles, flags or any other object;
  • Bring any chemicals onto the premises;
  • Use any power point or 240V electrical device without authorisation from our guest

You must not touch any collection or object on display unless you are invited by signage or a representative of Adderton to do so.

9.  Fire alarms, evacuation and lock-down procedures

  • For safety, Adderton visitors are required to follow any fire, evacuation or lock-down procedures, as directed, while they are on site.
  • Fire Action Notices in the galleries explain how you should raise the alarm in the event of a fire or suspected fire.
  • Our fire alarm provides two audible signals:
    1. A constant alarm signal means that you must evacuate and leave by the nearest fire exit Our staff will ensure you are aware of the alarm and direct you away from any fire-affected areas. If you require help to evacuate you should seek the assistance of a member of our staff.
    2. An intermittent signal is a warning alert for our staff, and you are not required to leave unless the signal changes to the evacuation
  • In the event of a fire evacuation, you must follow our fire evacuation instructions and assemble in the grassed area to the left of where you entered the front of Adderton.

10. Access to non-public areas

  • If you are found by our staff in a non-public or closed area without authority you may be escorted from the premises.
  • If you are found on school grounds you will also be escorted from the premises.

11. Unattended and lost property

  • Adderton does not have a Cloak Room or anywhere to leave your belongings while you explore Adderton.
  • You must not leave any of your property unattended at any time in Adderton, including in any outdoor areas.
  • We reserve the right to have unattended property removed and/ or destroyed without warning in the interests of safety and security.
  • You will not hold us liable if we remove or destroy any property that you have left unattended. If it is handed in to us, we will keep your lost property for 30 days before disposal.

12. Film, photography, 3D imaging and audio recording

  • Any members of the media or film industry representing print or online publishing or broadcasting networks, television stations or radio networks are not permitted to film, photograph or audio record on the site without prior approval. All enquiries by media representatives are to be directed to
  • For members of the public, you are permitted to use handheld cameras (including phones) with flash and 3D imaging software, and audio and film recording equipment not requiring a stand (except where indicated by notices).
  • You may use your photographs, scanned data, film and audio recordings only for your own private and non-commercial purposes, which include use in personal, non-commercial social media profiles, blogs and websites provided no further commercial reuse of the content is permitted by the terms of use of the social media platform or website
  • You must make arrangements in advance with our team if:
    1. you need to use a stand or special lighting or other equipment for filming, photography or audio recording in Adderton;
    2. you wish to take any commercial or  professional film or photography
  • If a visitor complains that your photography is intrusive you may be asked to stop or leave the premises.
  • Please respect the privacy of our neighbours, the students and staff of All Hallows’ School by not taking photographs or recordings that include students or staff of the school.

13.  Bicycles and scooters

  • Mobility scooters are welcome at Adderton. Access is available through a hydraulic lift at the entrance to the premises.
  • You are not permitted to ride bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller blades or any other recreational means of transport on the premises.
  • You may leave your bicycle in space provided at the front of the building at your own risk. You are not permitted to bring folding bicycles or scooters inside Adderton.

14. Food and drink

  • You are not allowed to consume food and drink inside the Adderton gallery areas, except in designated places such as the Cafe and Courtyard.
  • You may, however consume food and drink outside on grassed areas within Adderton’s gated grounds. Please dispose of your uneaten food and packaging responsibly.

15. Animals

  • Animals are not permitted in Adderton under any circumstance, unless for accessibility reasons you are accompanied by a guide, assistant or companion animal.

16.  Closed circuit television

  • You should be aware that we operate a secure, closed circuit television system throughout the premises in the public interest for the protection and safety of our visitors, staff, collection and property.

17.  Refusal of entry

  • Adderton employees or contractors have the right to refuse or revoke entry to any patrons for any reason.

18. Comments and feedback

  • We welcome enquiries, opinions and comments from visitors and members of the public. Please email:

19.    Amendments

  • We may change our service provision or amend these visitor guidelines from time to time and we recommend that you check the Adderton website for our latest visitor information before visiting.