Image by Greg Henderson; Adderton Collection

Located next to the All Hallows’ Chapel this amazing stairwell will soon be home to a suspended light installation by Meagan Streader that will accompany the Sister of Mercy Brisbane Congregation’s memorial Chapel List.

The installation adopts simple text, form and line to reflect a sensitive and historical space. The work incorporates the words from the Chapel List poem written by an anonymous Sister. Floating within the opening of the 1891 staircase, visitors will be welcomed by a warm glow of neon that illuminates the ground level memorial Chapel List and is visible from all angles of the ground floor up towards the second storey.

As her CV states:

Meagan Streader’s work pushes the limits of light within sculpture and installation. Streader manipulates, reinterprets and extends upon the boundaries of constructed spaces. Through site-specific interventions, her multidimensional use of light re-orientates the viewer’s relationship to the pre-existing architecture and scale of a given space. In this way, Streader’s work reveals the pervasive role of light in governing physical and social navigations of fabricated spaces.

We are delighted to be working with Meagan to install this beautiful, contemplative piece in Adderton.

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