Adderton, later the Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, All Hallows', c.1863. Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation/Adderton Collection.

Described by the local newspaper as an ‘exceedingly plain but strong building,’ Adderton was built in 1858 for Dr George Fullerton, a founding member of the Queensland Legislative Council.

Colonial architect John Petrie designed the house in a Georgian style. Adderton was beautifully situated overlooking the Kangaroo Point stretch of the Brisbane River on land traditionally owned by the Turrbal People. The house was named for Fullerton’s wife, Julia Adderton Moffatt. Adderton was also the name of Julia’s family home in Parramatta.

George Fullerton listed Adderton for sale in July 1863, just five years after the house was completed. ‘The finest house and situation’ in Brisbane was purchased for £6,000 as the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation’s first Mother House. Adderton was renamed the Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, All Hallows’, on 21 November 1863,

A rare example of pre-Separation architecture in Queensland, the original heart of Adderton is among the oldest surviving residences in the State. Read more about the built heritage of Adderton on the Queensland Heritage Register.

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