Six artists + Six social enterprises – a collaboration of art, passion and social enterprise exploring the social issue each enterprise is seeking to address
24 August 2019 – 3 May 2020  

Hopeful futures for disadvantaged people have always been at the heart of the Sisters of Mercy work. Taking its inspiration from the enterprising, socially conscious women of Adderton’s past, A Fierce Hope pairs six social enterprises with six contemporary artists exploring that enterprise’s ethos and work.

These six innovative and passionate initiatives, galvanised by hope, are working to make a difference: to inform, to invite community engagement, to empower people to find their voice for advocacy in our community, nation and beyond. The artworks, produced over a period of 18 months, reveal the collaboration, commitment and ingenuity of the artists and their paired South East Queensland enterprises in thought-provoking ways.

A Fierce Hope reveals hope as a compelling force for action: action that is both compassionate and challenges systemic injustice. We invite viewers to enjoy A Fierce Hope—and be fiercely inspired to take their own small steps towards a more just and tolerant society.


Social enterprise and artist

Happy Paws Happy Hearts + Donna Marcus

Hummingbird House + Maryann Talia Pau and Ranu James

Inala Wangarra + Robert Andrew

Outland Denim + Belinda Smith

OzHarvest + Elizabeth Willing

White Wreath Association + Dan Elborne

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