Donna Marcus’ work, Clowder, utilises bakelite saucepan knobs to create patterned sculptures, referencing the familiar and tactile. The meaning and message of Donna’s work is layered and inspired by the ripple effect of the work of Happy Paws Happy Hearts in helping the socially isolated connect with shelter animals through regular visits and workshops to give both humans and animals the opportunity to feel the healing benefits of touch and have positive experiences in their lives.

Donna spent time with HPHH and their clients and then created new artworks inspired by the vision of this enterprise including Hearth, a companion piece to Clowder as part of A Fierce Hope at Adderton: house & heart of mercy.

This work uses Dolly Varden cake tins and gold and blue anodised cups in a striking and evocative installation. Hearth is inspired by the warmth and resourcefulness experienced at the Forest Lake Crochet Group who are also work with HPHH.

Take a read of our Q&A with UQ’s Associate Professor of Psychology Genevieve Dingle about the need for connecting vulnerable people through ‘social prescribing’ to programs like HPHH and how we can support those at risk during this time when physical access to community groups or programs is restricted.

Images of ‘Clowder’ and ‘Hearth’


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