The All Hallows' Almonry, c. 1886. Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation/Adderton Collection.

Revealing a hidden heritage gem: the All Hallows’ Almonry

Have you ever noticed the tiny building tucked into the stone wall of All Hallows’ School, on Ann Street? Blink and you’ll miss it as you travel past the school’s main gates. Over the past century and a half, it has quietly watched the world go by, seeing Brisbane grow from a fledgling colonial outpost to a thriving city.

This unassuming little building, a two-storey stone house, is the All Hallows’ Convent Almonry (or alms house). To our knowledge (and please contact us if you know otherwise) it’s the only extant alms house in Queensland, possibly even Australia.

In its earliest incarnation as an alms house, the Almonry was the threshold between the Brisbane community and the Sisters of Mercy. As part of the Adderton: house & heart of mercy redevelopment, we will be restoring the Almonry as the new gateway to the centre, and a welcoming space for visitors.

Although minimal intervention is planned in the renovation (we need to urgently fix damp and deterioration issues) the Almonry, once open, will house a curated display, with an illustrated timeline introducing visitors to the story of Adderton and the Sisters of Mercy in Brisbane and Queensland.

We look forward to sharing updates of the Almonry’s restoration with you over the coming months.

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