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Meet Adderton’s creative producer of public programs, Elise Wilkinson

Adderton: house & heart of mercy’s creative producer for public programs, Elise Wilkinson, is an experienced creative producer and event coordinator. A practising graphic designer, Elise has previously worked for The Cube at the Queensland University of Technology, developing and delivering Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths based programs for children, school students and young people. Today, Elise shares her insights into her role at Adderton, and her vision for Adderton’s public programs.

Tell us a bit about your position and what you do at Adderton: house & heart of mercy

As Creative Producer, Public Programs, I work alongside our team to develop and produce the programs, activities and events that will connect Adderton: house & heart of mercy with the broader Brisbane community.

What were your first impressions of Adderton?

Upon my first visit to Adderton, I was completely blown away by the grandeur of the building. Adderton has so many interesting architectural features and finishes that I just love. The building itself has such a rich history and I feel so privileged to work within a space that has been seminal to the lives of so many women over the past 150 years.

What is your vision for Adderton: house and heart of mercy’s public programs? What inspires your approach?

People are the heart of Adderton: house & heart of mercy’s public programs. Our programs will connect and engage our visitors with workshops, activities and performances based around the themes of inclusivity, social justice and creativity. Overall, we are focused on creating a program that generates opportunities for connection and conversation.

You are also responsible for Adderton’s dedicated children’s space, Mini Mercy. What aspect of that program are you most excited about right now?

Mini Mercy will provide an experience for children to get creative through hands-on arts and crafts based activities. It’s really exciting to develop a children’s program which is centred around fostering curiosity and self-expression. Presently, I’m exploring how through design, we can create a space where families can come together to play, explore, collaborate and connect.

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