Detail of the All Hallows' Convent chapel stained glass windows. Photo by Greg Henderson.

Season’s Greetings

As the end of the year approaches, we are pleased to share this Christmas message from the Sisters of Mercy Brisbane’s Congregation Leader, Sr Catherine Reuter. We look forward to sharing more insights into the journey of Adderton: house & heart of mercy with you in 2018.

The Season of Advent has begun. It is the season of hope and joyful expectation as we wait for the miracle of Christmas.

Like the people in the Old Testament, who lived on tiptoe waiting for God’s promises to be kept, we too stand on tiptoe and lean forward waiting for God’s Word, Jesus, to be born again and again.

Advent hope is not for easy times. The prophet Isaiah reminds us hope comes when our ‘hands are feeble and our knees are weak and our hearts are frightened’, for hope is not some shallow optimism in the face of whatever life lays before us.  It is made of memories.

Joan Chittister in Sparks of Advent Light writes, ‘Hope is the recall of good in the past, on which we base our expectation of good in the future. Hope digs in the rubble of our hearts for memory of God’s promise to bring good out of evil and joy out of sadness and, on the basis of those memories of the past, takes new hope for the future’.

Advent calls us to hope in the promise that God is calling us to greater things and will be with us as we live them. Each Christmas we are called again to be witnesses to hope as we share the memory and loving presence of a stable, a baby, a homeless mother, and a pleading father.

Christmas blessings in Mercy!

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