Visualisation by Gemma Davis

Visualising Adderton: our blossoming brand

To create a trademark and visual identity for the new Mercy centre, we collaborated with students from Griffith University, Queensland College of Art.

Working through the QCA’s design incubator, Liveworm Studio, we presented a brief to five talented young visual communicators. We wanted the new logo to be bold and vibrant, feminine but not ‘frothy’. The logo needed to reflect our attributes of inclusion, creativity and welcoming. As part of receiving the brief and developing their concepts, the students visited the building, and learned of the unique history of the site and the Sisters of Mercy’s work in Queensland from the mid 1800s.

While all the design approaches were appealing (and very different) we were immediately drawn to the ideas presented by Gemma Davis. Gemma focussed on the magnolia flower as a central motif, reflecting Sisters of Mercy Brisbane lore about the historic magnolia tree in front of the All Hallows’ Convent. Gemma created a trademark design in type, which then ‘blossomed’ into a complete brand with accompanying imagery. Her aim—and achievement—was to reflect the new centre’s vision as a place of joy, openness and friendship for all ages. As the trademark reveals, Adderton is the (literal) house & (spiritual) heart of mercy in Brisbane—the wellspring of the Mercy order in Queensland.

As supporting emerging creative practice is one of Adderton’s aims, we were delighted to be able to collaborate with new creative talent in such a tangible way, and so early in our redevelopment program.

Thank you, Liveworm Studio, Gemma, and all the students for your creative input and energy. We love our new identity …

… and we love our new website! Thanks to Amy Wootton and the team at Human Creative for bringing our brand to digital life.

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